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    First.Corporate Logo

The corporate logo of HCpect is made up of two letters-“H” and “C”, which are the first letters of the name of corporate-“Hui Cheng”. The blue “H” symbolizes thecalm and pure of the sea, just like the style and criterion of our corporationstaff. In the middle of the logo, there is a pair of clasped hands, symbolizingingood faith cooperation and high quality service to get mutual benefits. And the red “C”, like ared sun rising in the sea, suggests that the development of company isthriving. On the other hand, “H” stands for the letter “harvest”, and “C”stands for the letter “Chance”. With these two words together, it is a betterinterpretation that our company will seize the chance in the fierce marketcompetition, and that we will try our best to in return employees and contribute to the society.

    Second.Corporate Vision:

    Establishing an industry well-known brand

    Third.Operation Principle:

    In good faith cooperation and high quality service to realize mutual benefits

    Fourth.Management Objectives:

    Customers’ trust, Society’s respect, Shareholders’ satisfaction, Employees’ well-being

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