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Qingdao Huicheng Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (HCpect), located in the chemical industrial park of Qingdao economic and technical development zone, was founded in Mar. 2006 with a registration capital of RMB 64.8 million and a total investment of RMB 300 million. The company was owned by Hongkong Daobojiamei Company Limited which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Legend Capital, Shandong High-Tech Investment Corporation and natural person. The company’s core business includes R&D, manufacturing and sales of FCC rejuvenated catalyst, FCC fresh catalyst and FCCU additives. HCpect also provides technical service and consultant, environmental solution to the refineries. It is a high-tech enterprise integrated by scientific research, product development, manufacturing, and technical service. The company has 241employees, among them there are 4 Ph.D., 11 Master, 84 Bachelor and 104 College graduates. There are 8 Senior Engineers, 12 Engineers and 60 Assistant Engineer

HCpect explored a way to drive the product sale by technical innovation. The company cooperated with China University of Petroleum (Eastern China) for the research of new product and technology. In 2009, HCpect accomplished today the world's first set of commercial plant on rejuvenation technology for FCC spent catalyst (equilibrium catalyst). A fresh FCC catalyst production line with a capacity of 20,000 tons/year was established in 2010. It contains 7,000 tons/year NaY molecular sieve, 3,000 tons/year HY and USY molecular sieve, 3,000 tons/year REY molecular sieve. In 2013, HCpect acquired a manufacture facility of 1,000 tons/year for multi-functional FCC additives.

HCpect has always paid attention to environmental protection, and committed to the harmless treatment and resource recovery of petrochemicalpollutant. Several patented technologyhas been commercialized and a hazardous waste operating license issued by environmental protection department of Shandong Province was achieved. For refinery solid waste recovery, HCpect has developed rejuvenation technology for FCCU spent catalyst, reengineering technology for FCCU TSS powder, and resource utilization technology for FCC solid waste.Furthermore, HCpect developed a new and efficient denitration additive and a set of equipment to solve the emission problem of NOx in FCC flue gas. HCpect achieved win-win result of economic benefit and environmental protection by technical innovation and social cooperation.

Mutual benefit is the company’s core value. HCpect is trying best to gain the trust of customers by reliable product, and to win the respect ofsociety by sincere service. For this purpose,HCpect has established ‘Engineering & Technology Research Center of Utilization of Petrochemical Three Wastes’, ‘FCC Technical Service Center’, ‘FCC Remote Diagnosis Center’, and ‘New Technology of Oil & Gas Process Engineering Research Center’ to provideremote technical service to the refinery’s FCC unit.

HCpect takes "customers’ trust, society’s respect, shareholders’ satisfaction, employees’ well-being" as the company management objectives, concentrating on manufacturing the best quality of FCC catalyst. HCpect will, as always, devote to the energy conservation and emission reduction, and the sustainable development of the society. HCpect is establishing an industry well-known brand by virtue of its unremitting efforts.


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