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    In HCpect, career path way was chose by employee’s personal wishes, interest and talent in three aspects: management, research and engineer. A career promotion system was established since the foundation of HCpect, providing more career development choices for various professionals. In 2013, there were 11 employees acquired specialty technical position, promoted from an entry level to a senior level.

    To support employee’s career goals, HCpect has built several promotion paths to encourage employees to show their talents and capabilities.

    In order to help employees to improve their comprehensive ability, HCpect has established a set of internal and external training system. The internal training system includes onboarding training, professional training on each job, special technical discussion, etc. The external training system includes external recruitment training and training provided by refineries. The comprehensive training system provides a variety of training opportunities for our employees.

     Meanwhile, HCpect focus on nurturing company culture. Forums between the chairman and employees, and conferences between different departments were routinely provided to achieve sincerely communication within each management level of the company.

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