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HCpect was founded in March 2006. In 2008, HCpect had achieved successful commercial test of the resource recovery utilization technology for FCC spent catalyst. In 2009, HCpect accomplished today the world’s first set of commercial plant on rejuvenation technology for FCC spent catalyst. In 2011, HCpect got a successful commercial production line of a patented technology called “a kind of in-situ synthesis FCC catalyst and its preparation method”. The production capacity was 30,000 metric tons per year, which provided a fundamental solution to the disposal problem of the solid waste from refineries. In 2014, HCpect obtained several technical breakthroughs of desulfurization waste treatment and flue gas De-NOx process, which helped the refineries meet the environmental requirements of FCCU operation. Those technologies made a significant contribution to the environmental governance and protection. Each milestone of HCpect was contributed by HCpect people’s effort and wisdom. Join us, and you will grow with HCpect into a prosperous future.    

Gao Mingjun---Principal Engineer of R&D Department

It has been four years since I joined HCpect, and I had quite a lot of feelings all through the way.
The year of 2011 was the most critical stage for the development of HCpect, the rejuvenated catalyst commercial plant expanded to 10,000 tons per year, and fresh FCC catalyst workshop was put into operation with a capacity of 20,000 tons per year. I devoted myself into the construction and production of the fresh catalyst line at that time. During the first few months, I witness the perseverance, persistence and integrity in HCpect, and countless moving moments.
If I were a fish, then HCpect is the ocean. HCpect provided development opportunity for every employee in the company. I gained approval from HCpect with my cautious and conscientious working attitude, enthusiasm and multi-skill ability during the three years in R&D department. I always insist precise working attitude, supervising each experimental program, procedure and result. We developed HCCY series REUSY molecular sieve, octane enhancing additives, propylene additives, etc.
Now, HCpect Phase III project is in programming and proceeding, “Petrochemical Engineering Technology Research Center” is in operation, and HCpect Mansion is in construction. With the guidance of operation principle, HCpect will move towards to the glorious future. I am so proud to be a member of HCpect, and I believe HCpect can go further in catalyst industry.   

Lyu Lingling---Member of Environment Protection Research Project Group


It has been three years since I joined HCpect on July 2012. I continue to learn during these three years. Three years ago I was a college graduate imaging my future, and now I am on the way to shining future.
After three months internship, I was assigned to the R&D department which is the core department of HCpect. Here, I learned a lot about FCC catalyst and gradually liked my job.
In order to fulfill the commitment of “one unit, one formula”, we developed the specific formula based on the situation of each FCCU and feedstock oil property. Our research area has expanded with the development of the company and the broadening of the market. At present, in order to achieve resource recovery utilization of solid waste in refining and petrochemical industry, a R&D team was set up and I am lucky to be one of it. In the group, everyone talks frankly and every job is equally important, which complied with the principle of “talk truly, and talk nicely.” In HCpect, we work hard, we harvest, and we feel the progress every day.
In HCpect, we work together and step forward. We believe that “nothing is impossible”!

 Ge Caixia--- Supervisor of Technical Service Center


From Beijing to Qingdao, I endured the hardship of a long journey and looked drained. People asked me why not to stay in a more bustling metropolis but came to a small town, I smiled to them without saying anything, because I knew that my dream has nothing to do with the time and place. HCpect was where my dream belongs. I got on the train to Qingdao.
July 8th, 2013 was my first day came to HCpect, which was the date that I formally became one member of HCpect. I felt strange to all the things around, but when I met everyone in HCpect, they gave me warm welcome and were so friendly. Their optimistic and happiness at work likes a spring breeze blowing to my heart. The next step was a series of onboard training, including corporate culture, operation principle, product process, quality control, sample analysis and technical communication. I felt like that I walked into the core of HCpect step by step and gradually understand its greatness.
Since I joined the technical service center, I was primarily responsible to build the remote diagnosis platform. Every detail was preceded and not a flaw was missed in the debugging process. My colleagues offered me advices, and help me boosted the progress of work. With the trust from leaders and the support from colleagues, I took over a number of works, carried out relevant scientific research projects, managed the analysis and evaluation of clients’ samples, and coordinated the arrangement of department mission to ensure the desired progress on schedule and ensured both quality and quantity.
After two years of hard work, when I looked back that naive and innocent college girl, I did not regret of my choice. HCpect made me grow up and became mature, and what’s more important, it makes me feel like home. HCpect gave me enrichment and pathway to success. I wish I can do my best to be the driving force of HCpect.

Shao Chuanpeng--- Supervisor of Purchasing Department


Three years ago, I became a member of the procurement department. I had served in a few companies before I joined HCpect, so I understood the difficulty of finding a suitable job. Therefore, I really cared about my current position in HCpect. With the days passed by, I remembered a lot of moving moments. I was moved by the scrupulous guidance from the technician, the earnest operation of the engineers, and the business skills taught by the seniors.
Happiness comes from harmony. I’m not good at talking, but I talked truly and I was straight forward. I proposed my opinion and suggestion sufficiently in HCpect. Simple personal relationship among internal employees and clients, had built relax and passionate working environment.
Happiness comes from the realization of personal value. HCpect provided wide development space for employees, every effort you make will be rewarded. Gold is always shining in HCpect. With my persistence work, and outstanding performance, I was promoted to be the purchasing supervisor.
I believe HCpect is the place where happiness comes from, everyone in HCpect working together to build our glorious future.    

Lin Han--- Business Manager of #1 Sales Group


On May 2012, it’s my first time meet HCpect. After the final round of interview, all applicants had a long conversation with the chairman, Xingong Zhang. I was amazed by his foresight in business and responsibility for the society, whose team is fearless to fight. After two months of internship, I quit other job offers and decided to work for HCpect, because I found it was a platform which was suitable for young people to grow up and trained for future professionals.
After nine months in HCpect, I applied for a long time favorite position in sales department. I was shocked by the grim market situation and various competition methods from our competitors, even though I was prepared for the challenges of a sales job. I believed that one’s full potential was explored in difficulties. HCpect’s principle of “one unit, one formula” and high quality services gave me great confidence to face those challenges.
I learned all the technical fundamentals from colleagues in the technical service center. At the same time, I used spare time to study catalyst knowledge, summarizing every technical communication with clients, collecting useful information, and finally I could follow up the usage conditions of client’s FCCU and visit the customer independently. By the end of 2014, the sales and marketing department was reformed and reorganized. With the trust and support from HCpect’s leaders, I was responsible for the sales tasks of No.1 sales group. We carried out new sales strategies and made impossible into reality.
During last three years, I deeply felt the ambition of the board members of HCpect. This is the platform which belongs to the young people who wants to build a successful career. In here, the stage is as big as your ambition.

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