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HCSO Octane Enhancing Additive
HCSO is a kind of efficient solid additive used in FCCU, which can significantly improve gasoline octane number. When the amount added reach to 5% of the system inventory, FCC gasoline RON can be increased 1.5~2.0%, and the olefin in gasoline increase 0.5%, while aromatic content increases by about 2~3%, iso-alkanes and cycloalkanes in saturated hydrocarbon increase a little.
At the same time, it can improve product distribution: LPG yield increase by about 2-3%, in which propylene increase by about 1%, the yield of gasoline and diesel decrease by about 2%. The yield of dry gas, slurry oil and coke basically remain the same, and so does the total liquid yield.
1.With the amount of HCSO added increasing, gasoline octane keeps increasing.
2.HCSO has perfect adaptability to different feedstock, and its addition can further enhance gasoline octane number.

HCSP Propylene Additives
HCSP is a kind of efficient solid additive used in oil refining FCCU, which can significantly improve the yield of propylene and butene. HCSP uses a high activity and stability of shape-selective zeolite ZSM-5, and use unique shape selective zeolite modification technology and special preparation process. So HCSP not only can avoid the dilution effect to main catalyst caused by adding too much shape selective molecular sieves or acrylic additives, but also can significantly improve the yield of light olefins, especially propylene. When the amounts added reach to about 5% of system inventory, LPG yield increase by 4% or more, and propylene concentration in LPG increase by more than 3%. The gasoline octane increases as well. Moreover, product distribution of FCCU and quality of gasoline and diesel products are not affected.
1. Adding HCSP additive to FCC catalyst can significantly improve the yield of LPG, propylene concentration in LPG and the yield of propylene.
2. Using HCSP can increase the octane of cracked gasoline.
3. Adding HCSP doesn’t affect total liquid yield.
4. The performance of HCSP is at the advanced level of similar additives in domestic and imported products in use.

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