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Solid Waste Resource Recovery Utilization of FCCU
Cooperated with China University of Petroleum (Eastern China), HCpect was committed for the research of recoveryFCCU solid waste.In the industry operation,FCC units produce a large quantity of solid wastes which are classified as:spent FCC catalyst, TSS powder and desulfuration residue. HCpect owns different patented technology to process thesewastes. Efficient denitration chemical and relevant equipment were also developed to treat the overproofNOx in flue gas of FCCU.

First. The rejuvenation technology for spent catalyst
FCC rejuvenated catalyst is made from FCC spent catalyst, by treating the spent catalystwith aninorganics & organics coupling technology. The framework of FCC equilibrium catalyst was re-constructed by the inorganic species’ pore-expansion function and organic ions’ metal coordination function. During this reconstruction process, the toxic metals, such as Ni, V, Fe, Ca and Na, are partially removed from the catalyst, and the catalyst pore structure is redesigned to achieve the gradient profiles of the catalyst micropores and mesopores, to increase the catalyst porosity so as to improve the coke resistance and anti-metal capability, thereby improve the cracking performance.

Second. TSS PowderRecycling Catalyst
UPC- TSS powder recycling catalyst is a kind of universal FCC catalysts, which takes Y-zeolite as the main active component and takes refinery’s FCC TSS powder, flue gasdesulfurationpowderand a kind of natural high surface mineral after special treatment through complexing metal removal and crystallization as carrier. The pores of the catalyst develop unobstructed, and the FCC catalyst has proper activity and surface area, so that it has good activity and stability as well as strong cracking ability. The performance of UPC series can be compared with that of AIC series. The solid waste disposal problems of petrochemical enterprises can be solved fundamentally.

Third. FCC Solid Waste Resource Recovery Utilization Technology
The spent catalyst, TSS powder, desulfuration waste residue and other solid waste from FCCU which can’t be rejuvenated, we use high-temperature oxidation acid-dissolution method to recycle it. Thesolid-liquid mixture obtained from the method was separated by centrifuge. The separated solid was washed and depurated to get puresilica powder which has a wide industry application. The separatedliquidwas treated with ammonium crystal method and alkaline precipitation method to get relevant aluminum products, nickel products, vanadium products, rare earth product, etc.

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