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Congratulations to HCpect was named enterprise technology center
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Recently, HCpect was named the group of 23 provincial enterprise technology center, and this is my company in the field of innovative research and development for another title, isthe government department in charge of the company has the industry's leading research and development and the innovation ability of recognition. Provincial enterprise technology center that will be on the company's project development, project achievement transformation of science and technology team training, etc.have a positive impact.

Since its inception, the HCpecttake the science and technology innovation as the guide, increasing research investment, actively carry out chemical waste harmless treatment and resource utilization, efficiency to reduce emissions, such as management of the new technology research, actively promote the industry transformation of scientific and technological achievements, expand product direction, to improve the efficiency of resource utilization, reduce pollution and increase benefit, has opened up a effective way, formed the resource saving, environment industrial structure and the mode of production.

Awarded the title of provincial enterprise technology center is the high praise to HCpect for many years research and development innovation work, it marks the company independent research and development, continuous innovation has entered advanced ranks, fully reflects the company's leading position in chemical industry three wastes utilization technology, has provided a broad space for development of company and strong support in the future.
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