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Together Through Ten Years of Development and Opening A New Chapter
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【Home station】In the autumn, orange osmanthus fragrance, people ushered in the 67 birthday of the motherland, looking back at the past with eventful years, all the people of Huicheng to celebrate the ten anniversary of the company.



The Huicheng people have worked together for ten years since 2006 that company founded, from the early start of the difficult and the rapid development of joy to promote the management of change and strategic transformation of courage, in this special season, the company organised graphic exhibition activities of "Together Through Ten Years of Development” to let every Huicheng people understand the development process of the company.

Activities carried out in an orderly manner by departments, the leadership and staff that from every department participated the activities, the old staff to explain in detail for the members of the department. Everybody excited after relived the glory days and witnessed every important moment in the development of the company again from the pictures. All the staff had tremendous spirit when standing on a new starting point for the internationalization of the company and leaved the realization of Huicheng dream aspiration in front of the exhibition gallery.

The graphic exhibition has made a major response as an important series of activities of ten anniversary of the company. "Carry on the past and open up the future" theme essay contests, enterprise culture in-depth interview, the mind of ten years, Huicheng garment design contest and other activities are carried out warmly.

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