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The company's 2017 annual congress was held grandly
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Home stationOn January 21, 2017, the Company annual meeting of Hcpect was held at Haishang Jianianhua hotel.

Chairman xin-gong zhang delivered a speech

The happy goddess sended blessings


Clapper talk of new year



Awards for advanced departments

First of all, the company manager Yehong gave the 2016 annual work report.  We had made great progress and success in the project construction, sales, special management, corporate image and so on. After that, Chairman xin-gong zhang represented the company's long-term development blueprint and elaborated on the company development plan at each stage. Furthermore, Chairman xin-gong pointed out the great significance of HuiCheng spirit inheritance to the company's long-term development.

At 16:00, the evening party started. The atmosphere was exciting with creative programs .The blessings of happy goddess impressed everyone; the amazing clapper talk of New Year fascinated everyone; the sitcom made people laugh; the comedy of “what daddy” filled with infinite youth; the passion of “sailors” infected the audience; the alternative magic show appetized everybody’s appetite;what’s more,the crossed people arosed the frenzy of surprise.At the annual meeting, the advanced workers, collectives of 2016 were awarded. They walked the red carpet with Leaders, receiveing the highest praise of HuiCheng partners.The meeting ended with happiness and moving, all HuiCheng partners will unite together to create a more brilliant future.


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