Technical Service

    You don’t have to lower your expectations on technical services from HCpect. We will match or exceed the technical service you’re currently receiving. For North America refineries, equilibrium catalyst will be sampled regularly as before and analyzed by a highly reputable lab in Savannah, Georgia. This lab routinely analyzes catalyst samples from multiple refinery units and is well recognized in the FCC community.

    HCpect’s experienced engineering team support FCC customers with:

    ·        Routine analysis of E-cat, feed, and other streams/solids

    ·        Unit review

    ·        Troubleshooting

    ·        Process simulation/modeling

    ·        Unit optimization

    ·        Start-up assistance

    ·        Pilot plant studies

    ·        Remote unit monitoring

    ·        Professional training

    Our well-equipped lab in Qingdao will also assist or collaborate in longer term project that you may be interested in. Our 2kg/h feed rate, and 10 kg catalyst inventory circulating pilot riser plant is ready to run scenarios for our clients.

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